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Cozy rooms and apartments in Herøy - Helgeland coast

The romantic house is a private small guesthouse that offers accommodation and lodging in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. We want to be a cozy alternative to hotels during your stay on the Helgeland coast.
Our suites and double rooms by the sea, centrally on Herøy and in Grane/ Trofors, give you a comfortable starting point to experience the best of the Helgeland coast.


We offer comfortable and personalized accommodation in our charming suites, so you can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Mountain Biker

Bicycle rental

Move through the most unique island kingdom in the world. You ride over one
series of bridges that connect many small and large islands in Herøy and Dønna.

Campsite by the Sea

Experience Herøy

Herøy, municipality in Nordland county, on the Helgeland coast outside Sandnessjøen. Herøy consists of more than 2,700 islands, islets and reefs. The largest and most populated are Nord-Herøy, Sør-Herøy, Tenna, Ytre and Indre Øksningan, Seløy and Staulens, which are connected by bridges.


More about us

The romantic house is located on Herøy - one of the most beautiful island communities on the Helgeland coast.

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