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About us ​

The romantic house is located on Herøy - one of the most beautiful island communities on the Helgeland coast.  

New suites  and double rooms by the sea, centrally on Herøy, give you a comfortable starting point to experience the best of the Helgeland coast.

All rooms and suites are new. Here you get made up comfortable beds, private balcony, private bathroom and kitchen. Several of our guests have said that the special sunset from the house is the most beautiful they have ever experienced. The magical atmosphere in the evening with the red sky that lights up the sea, while the deer graze peacefully in the garden, must be experienced.


You are most welcome as our guest in The Romantic House.

How to travel here​ .

You can travel here by car, bus, boat, kayak. We have good connections with ferries from Sandnessjøen or from Søvik. The ferry berth at Søvik is not far from Sandnessjøen airport. We also have fast boat connections from Vega and from Sandnessjøen.

Many of our visitors come by bike. The route Brønnøysund - Vega - Herøy - Dønna - Sandnessjøen by bike and island hopping by speedboat is an adventure trip. It is also possible to travel by train to Mosjøen and bus from there to the Helgeland coast. We are happy to help pick up and drop off from the ferry berth / speedboat quay at Herøy or Dønna. We have parking right outside the house for those who come by car.

The romantic house is located about 2.5 km from the municipal center on Herøy. Shops, restaurants and more are therefore easily accessible.

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